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We are an award winning swimming pool construction company in Hyderabad. Joy Pools specialises in the construction of both concrete and fibreglass pools in Hyderabad. Know swimming pool construction cost in Hyderabad. Get a quote now.

Joy Pools was founded in 2018 to cater to the growing swimming pool market in India. It centers on construction, renovation and maintenance of swimming pools with cost effective and quality solutions. Joy Pools has developed key areas of strength like Domain and Technological Expertise, Skilled Manpower and Flawless Quality in Delivery to define its service. Joy Pools recognised that it must focus on strengths like these, combined with value for customer satisfaction, to become a competitive player in the market.

Joy Pools partners with top brands of the swimming pool industry like JD Pools Thailand and Moothedan Pools India in realizing its vision. JD Pools Conglomerate was founded in 1997 in Phuket, Thailand. It is now renowned for being the largest swimming pool manufacturer in ASEAN. By sticking to its highest manufacturing standards, JD Pools is the only manufacturer in this industry that launches its products to the world market and supplies for the huge international customer base.

Moothedan Pools India, started 15 years ago, is the leading swimming pool company in India. It holds the strongest brand equity in the emerging market. Earning high customer base and recognition, it is known for high quality and value for money.

By partnering with these two leading players of the industry, Joy Pools is all set to face the competition and redefine success.


Best in-Class Swimming Pool Filtration System for any type of Swimming Pools

  • Our innovative modern techniques have changed the face of swimming pool Industry, save water & Space with high-capacity Integrated Membrane Filtration Systems filtering up to 5 Microns
  • Eliminate common problems faced by traditional pool, such as water leakage due to cracks in the structure, and maintenance issues raised by buried piping for water filtration.
  • Avoid messy plant room.
  • Equipped with energy efficient Circulation Pump and Dupont membrane.

Introducing SF 20 / SF 30 / Portable Bikini Filters Integrated Pool Filters for Any Type of Swimming Pools

Saving Space

  1. NO Plant Room and Pump Room
  2. NO Balancing Tank
  3. NO Complicated Plumbing lines

Best Features

  1. Effective circulation thanks to the top and bottom water nozzles.
  2. Economical filtration running cost; No periodical back wash operation needed.
  3. Economical electric consumption; due to the reduced pressure head losses
  4. Chemicals and disinfecting products may be easily added.
  5. Simple Maintenance
  6. Designed to avoid stagnant water around the cylinders

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