Joy Pools – iPanel Liner Pools

PVC Liner Safe – Strength of Concrete – Custom Design – Smooth and Gentle

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Joy Pools – iPanel Liner Pools

PVC Liner Safe – Strength of Concrete – Custom Design – Smooth and Gentle


The core strength of Joy Pools’ iPanel Liner Pools lies in the Patented Intelligent Panel set in strong concrete. The Intelligent Panel covers the entire inner surface of the pool secured with a leak-proof PVC liner making it enduring and everlasting with technology from JD Pools Bangkok.

You can also have the liberty to express your style by choosing your own custom shaped design. The smooth and soft inner finishing lets you have a superior relaxing experience every moment.

iPanel/Liner Pools Concept


Strong iPanel
(Intelligent Panel)

  1. Made with polypropylene combined with concrete making it strong and long-lasting
  2. Highly durable structure safe from cracks or leaks due to unexpected ground movement
  3. Can be designed for any shape or size
  4. 10 year warranty on iPanel structure

Excellent finishing
with Joy Pools Liner

  1. Highly durable Fabric fitted to the structure is designed and Produced under the license from
  2. Resilient structure, guaranteed 100% leak-free, no more cracking tiles or leakage problems
  3. Easy to clean anti-bacteria material
  4. Soft touch and anti-slip experience
  5. Comes with 10 year warranty

with TE Filter Technology

  1. Unobstructed hanging look, flat top and sides, smooth with terrace
  2. Fiberglass-make of case, durable to UV
  3. Built-in pump room, Pipe-less filtration
  4. Highly efficient filtration of up to 5 microns
  5. Comes in various designs for all purposes

Advantages of iPanel Liner Pool over Traditional Pool

  • iPanel pool requires less piping whereas traditional pool needs significant space for Extensive pipe-work
  • iPanel Pool requires No Pump Room & has an Integrated Filtration System built into the Deck whereas Traditional Pool Needs separate large plant room / Pump room
  • Joy Pools Membrane filtration filters upto 5 Microns whereas Sand filter system causes wastage of water & filters upto 20 Microns & an access to drainage required (more pipework)


iPanel Liner Pools come in custom shapes to define your style!




Free Form

Extra Area

Our innovative modern techniques have changed the face of swimming pool by eliminating Plant Room and Pump Room / Balancing Tank / Complicated Plumbing lines facilitating extra pool space to create a private and delightful experiences. This space can be used for pleasant relaxation experience, entertaining private guests, special recreational activities.

iPanel/Liner Swimming Pool Construction

End to End Construction in 25 days

Layout and Excavation – 2 Days

Placing reinforced Rebar slab and levelling blocks – 3 Days

Assembling permanent iPanel – 5 Days

Installing TE Filtration – 1 Day

Pouring concrete into pool slab and side walls in a single process – 2 Days

Laying coping stones and readying the structure for PVC lining – 5 Days

Installing PVC Liner – 5 Days

Pool ready for use by filling water – 3 Days


Tips to choose the best location and position of your iPanel Pool

  1. Make sure the size and shape of the pool matches with the landscape of your house
  2. Make sure there is enough space between the house and the pool
  3. Be wary of the direction of the sun and shade area
  4. Plan the pool step area, kid pool space and spa area as per your requirement and position of the pool

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