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Quality and health within budget * 15-year structural warranty

Cardio pools are made with high quality fiber glass and are primarily used for health and fitness purposes. They are typically set up in residential spaces for a private pool mainly for relaxation and fitness exercises. They are a perfect solution for narrow or constricted residential areas taking up limited space. They usually come in rectangular shape of different sizes to suit your requirements. Cardio pools are a perfect choice if you are looking for frequent relaxations in the privacy of your own backyard.

Cardio pools can be placed in the backyard or as an extension to the outdoor relaxation area adjacent to the deck. Cardio pools help in deep relaxation by decreasing anxiety and depression levels. They also help in improving your moods with a calm and tranquil experience. If you are looking for frequent workouts to relax your mind and body and also improve your physical posture and flexibility, cardio pools are the right choice. They also serve well for recreational purposes.


Choose from 6 different extraordinary models







Special Features

Highest quality resins and gel-coats

  • ISO-NPG Gel coat 0.8-1.5 mm
  • Vinyl Ester Resin 2-3 mm
  • C114LEG LSE Resin 3-4 mm
  • C114LG Polyester Laminate Resin 2-4 mm

Innovation from Australia

Pool coating process and production control under Australian Engineering Standard

15-year structural warranty

Strong, durable, leak-free and scratch-free material. Gentle on skin and swimwear with smooth surface. Low maintenance. Anti-bacterial material requiring reduced amounts of sanitizing chemicals

Cardio Option+

Specially designed for your health, skin and body


Adjustable current speed technology helps you adjust the speed of the water currents as per your mood and need. The options range from smooth, quiet to fast speeds capable of giving you any experience you desire in the comfort of your home. Swimmers of all abilities – beginners to Olympians – can enjoy swimming without a hitch. Fastlane also provides good resistance for hydrotherapy, aqua aerobics, water jogging/running etc.

Salt chlorinator system

Salt chlorination system uses natural salt for maintaining water conditions. The no-chlorine treatment is safe for your eyes, skin and hair. You can enjoy the swim without worrying about the dark spots or hair damage due to chlorine treatment. Natural salt treatment is also safe for children and people with allergies.

JD FreshSwim

Water freshness and quality is maintained using natural minerals that protect your health by keeping you safe from the harmful effects of chemical water treatments. Copper is used as an algaecide and silver is used as a bactericide. This natural technology not only gives you crystal clear, fresh and hygienic water but also protects the environment.

Colour Range

You have the choice to choose from these options:
(these gel-coat sample colour effects are indicative only)

Standard Color

Royal Blue

Speckle Color

Tropical Shimmer

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