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There’s no better way to turn a swimming pool into a personal backyard oasis than adding water features. Waterfalls, water pots, sheer descents and laminar jets bring life to your pool with a feel and sound of being


The Only Water Fountain Bowl With Elegant, Lighted Fire Effects

The new MagicBowl Water Effects with sold separately FireFX LED Lights from Pentair adds dramatic sights and soothing sounds to your backyard poolscape. The striking design of MagicBowl can be appreciated as an architectural element by day. By night, the safe and energy-efficient LED lights combine with the flowing water to flicker and dance like an actual glowing fire, creating a truly enticing experience.


The beauty and intrigue of falling water.

Perhaps no other feature contributes more to the beauty and tranquility of your poolscape than the sight and sound of falling water. Water effects can help transform your pool into a romantic oasis, a playful family water park, or a breathtaking focal point. No wonder they are one of the most popular accessories in today’s most elegant backyard retreats. The many options available allow you to integrate these mesmerizing water effects in either dramatic or subtle ways that transform any pool environment from great to spectacular.


While your swimming pool is the perfect place to cool down and play, your spa can be a quiet escape. This relaxing, therapeutic feature can be attached with a direct entry into your pool, or by itself as a personal getaway.




Jet Swim 2000

An exclusive counter current unit with many different settings. With jet streams of 1300 l/ min it is easy for you to build up your strength and physical fitness. Start your Jet Swim by pressing a button on the front. The flow pattern is set by means of the adjustable jets to suit your personal needs. The air flow that is mixed with the jet streams, is adjusted by turning the air knob on the front. It is just as simple to adjust the water flow.

Jet Swim 1200

With a motor capacity of 2.2kW and jet stream of 900 l/min it is easy for you to train your swimming technique and build up your physical fitness. Start your Jet Swim by pressing a button on the front. The jet streams are varied in power by rotating the turnable front. Resistance can be changed in three different steps, two for the jet stream and one for the air mixture.


Recommended for use in whirlpools and spas

The Original Freedom jet is popular for the unique look and high flow. A specific whirlpool jet which provide good drainability through the fronts.

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