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Pool Renovation

Joy Pools offers cost effective, innovative and quick solutions for renovating your pools. The innovative solutions give the pool a brand new look along with improving its long term usage.

Whatever the brand or type of your pool, if your old pool is showing its age and filtration needs upgrading. Look no further JoyPools Renovation services offers world class SF/PF Bikini pool filtration system from J.D.Pools which can be installed in any pool. We will close off your old filtration system, fit a new filtration unit complete with pump and LED lighting, then fit a new on site welded pool liner.

Ways you can improve your pool, with pool renovation ideas!

1. New Vinyl Liner

If your vinyl pool liner is showing its age, replacing with a fresh, updated look is one of the most basic in ground pool kit renovation ideas. Installing an inground vinyl liner can be completed in a day. While the liner is out is a good time to inspect the walls closely for rust or damage.

2. New Pool Shape

This would be the most adventurous pool renovation idea, but it can be accomplished. Pools can be extended on one end, to create a longer swim lane, or you can add curves to one or more sides of a rectangle pool.

3. Add a Spa

Add a spa right next to the pool, so that it spills over into the pool or an independent portable spa. Because they sit above the pool deck by a few inches, they stay cleaner and are easier to keep covered.

4. Re-doing the pool deck

Broom finished concrete is so last century. Using more pavered design options include StampCrete, where designs are stamped into a new concrete deck, outdoor floor tiles & Natural stone decks, such as flagstone, are now popular.

Replacing the pool deck also enables you to redo the pool coping. Vinyl pools can now use stone or brick coping just as easily as concrete pools. Or you could install a cantilevered deck, which “floats” over the pool wall, so that the deck and coping are one.

5. New Pump and Filter

Chances are if your pump and filter are 20 years old, they may be worn-out, or undersized, or inefficient. Upgrading your pool pump to dual speed or variable speed pool pumps saves energy, while Pipe less Membrane pool filters save water & filters up to 5 Microns. Also pool renovation includes replacement of Old Sand Filtration unit with a multiport valve Filtration Unit a new standard

6. New Sanitizer systems

New pools built today are built with a salt chlorine generator. Add salt to the pool, and the little chlorine factory creates chlorine through hydrolysis. Other Amazing devices worth mentioning would be Nature2 purifiers, which uses trace minerals to reduce your chlorine consumption by half, and Ozonators, which use the power of oxygen to sanitize the water, and also reduce chlorine consumption.

7. Water Features

Ranging from precise laminar deck jets that shoot a sharp stream of water, to sheet waterfalls, and cascades over boulders, adding the lush sound of falling water can really boost your ambiance level around the pool. Water features may be built into a small retaining wall on one side of the pool, or into a mound of boulders. Elegant and refined or wild and natural, well thought out water features blend into the overall surroundings.

8. LED Pool Lighting

Pool renovations include an upgrade to the underwater lighting. Pool lighting has long ago left incandescent lighting at the station. Halogen and Fiber Optic lighting were popular 10 years ago, but nowadays – LED lighting is the way to go. Very energy efficient, LED pool lights deliver a deep hue to the pool water. Adding a second LED lamp through your pool wall can create a dramatic effect.

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