Can a Fiberglass Pool Leak

These are a one-piece pool manufactured in a quality controlled facility, fiberglass swimming pools are highly durable inside and out.

So how & Where Leaks Occur in a Fiberglass Pool and Where to Look For:

  1. Cracks in the suction & return pipes and fittings in the system. So check the plumbing which are likely areas for leaks.
  2. Cracks in the fiberglass pool shell. fiberglass swimming pools can leak wherever there is an opening in the shell. So if there are any conduits placed in your pool for light fitting, a return outlet, a main drain outlet, or a skimmer throat, there can be a potential for leakage. Also, check around the shell base where the pool walls meets the base.

However cracks in the Fiberglass Pool shell can be caused due to ground movement, uplift, or roots also when a fiberglass shells starts to age, they may develop cracks, but mostly they are less likely to leak

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