How Fiberglass Pools are built

The first step in building a fiberglass pool is to lay out the shape on the ground. This can be done with spray paint or by using string and stakes. The next step is to drill holes for the rebar at regular intervals around the perimeter of the shape. Next, you will need to pour concrete into these holes so that they are filled up with concrete. Once this has dried, you will need to attach metal wire mesh or netting over the top of it so that it’s securely attached and won’t fall off later on. The next step is installing the liner which goes on top of this mesh or netting and then filling it with water.

  • Pattern: This process begins with the production of the pattern/plug. We construct it using wood, fiberglass, body filler, and primer. Once we finish the pattern, we apply liquid sealers and release agents to the pattern to allow the completed mold to be removed from the pattern. It takes 3–4 months to build the pattern.
  • Mold: The mold is the second step in the creation of a new fiberglass pool design. The mold has an exterior and is constructed with fiberglass and a steel-framed interior. It typically takes 3–4 weeks to build the mold.
  • Pool shell: Creating the pool shell is the third and final step in the process. After the mold is complete and ready to use, we build the pool on top of it and then release the pool shell from the top of the mold. It only takes 1–2 days to build the pool shell.

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