What are the Different Types of Swimming Pools

There are three types of In Ground pools: fiberglass, vinyl liner, and concrete (also called Gunite Pools).

  • Fiberglass: These are usually made by the manufacturer and delivered in one piece. It is a ready-made & ready to use pool shell which comes in various shape and sizes & has high durability. It is manufactured with steps and benches already in place. It has a filtration system in-built. Installation of a Fibre glass Pool is very simple.
  • Vinyl Liner: Vinyl liner pools are built with panel walls that are fastened together and anchored on a concrete foundation. Vinyl liner pools can be custom-made to any shape & size
  • Concrete/Gunite: Gunite / Concrete Pools are one of the oldest and popular way of pool building method in the world. They Offer More Flexibility with respect to Design, size and features, they can take any shapes & are considered works of Art.

Concrete pools offer much more opportunity to experiment with different designs, so if you want a pool of a different style Concrete pools are the right kind of construction that can absorb any type Design or water features. Features such as waterfalls and fountains are very easy to add.

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