What are the Different Types of Water used in Swimming Pools

There are three main types of swimming pool water systems: chlorine, saltwater, and mineral.

  • The first one is the natural pool. This is a pool that is entirely natural and has not been altered in any way. It doesn’t require any chemicals to keep it clean but will need to be maintained by someone.
  • The next type of swimming pool is the chlorinated pool. This type of pool uses chlorine to maintain its cleanliness and needs a lot less maintenance than the natural pool does because chlorine kills bacteria that might make a person sick or cause an infection if it was ingested or absorbed through their skin.
  • The third type of swimming pool is the saltwater pool. This type of water uses salt instead of chlorine to maintain its cleanliness and doesn’t use as much water as other pools do because saltwater pools filter out more contaminants before they ever reach the water line.

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