What is the Cost of Construction of the Concrete Pool

The cost of construction for a concrete pool is usually calculated by the size. For example, a 12′ x 24′ X 4′ Deep pool would cost about Rs. 12 lakhs to construct. This includes the cost of construction, equipment, and installation.

The cost is highly variable and mostly change according to your personal preferences. The cost of a pool may vary according to the type of Pool, size, shape and material being used for construction, as a simple example, Cost of Pool Varies with choice of a pool tile, Ceramic tiles costs less whereas cost of Porcelain or Glass Mosaic Tile costs 50-60% more than a ceramic tile, the cost of pools vary a great deal particularly on the design, but again, the prices will vary a great deal by an array of other variables, take into consideration the addition of a spa with the number of Seats or lighting type, multitude of other feature ranging from tanning ledges to natural rock waterfalls etc

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